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From a Bad Blind Date to a Crazy, Wild Awesome Life pt.2

I’m not a fan of horror movies( I consider Jurassic Park  a horror film), but I AM aware if I were to ever be in a horror that certain phrases should not come out of my mouth. Such as: “We … Continue reading

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iFellowship–do You blog hop?

I joined iFellowship to gather, commune, and read other wonderful bloggers. Continue reading

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What are YOU reading Wednesday?

I HEART reading! Love, adore, passionate about all things with PAPER AND TEXT(excuse the hyperbole, there are texts that I do NOT enjoy but I’m only celebrating my favorites). Since I teach college reading, I am often asked: What are … Continue reading

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From a Bad Blind Date to a Crazy, Wild Awesome Life pt. 1

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds, admit impedments.” Sonnet 116 William Shakespeare Ahh, the Bard, Shakespeare in my mind signifies romance, love, and some well-written iambic pentameter(What I’m an English major/teacher/ lover all of literature). Like many … Continue reading

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Unplug it!

Awesome idea for the summer, unplug from the time waster’s of TV, computer(yes, no Facebook, Twitter, or blogging). Love this post:

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Confessions of a Stepmom

Tonight, I’m restless, sleep eludes me. My mind is filled with half-written poems, blogs, and snatches of literature, but tonight I need to write this confession. Here it is: I’m a step-mom. I have two beautiful children by marriage because … Continue reading

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Blog Topics

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