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I'm writer, reader, teacher, stepmother, blogger, free thinker, deep thinker. I ardently pursue questions of faith, philosophy, and the mund
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  1. Dawn says:

    I too am a stepmom. I know exactly what you are talking about, and exactly how you feel. We have been together since my stepkids were 14 mos & 4 yrs. old, and they lived with their mom, but we had lots of visitation with them (and I homeschooled my stepson for 2 years also). I love them with everything, and yet I’m not their “mom”. My stepson loves me, my stepdaughter demonized me, and through the years I had to forgive their mother over, and over, and over for things that she did and said and believed about me. Just cling to that Hope, because the Lord is so much bigger than your situation, and He will never fail. God bless.

    • sarahaskins says:

      So very true! My stepkids live with my husband and me, and it a daily struggle to remember His grace is sufficient. I receive daily reminders of grace; one of these daily reminders is that forgive is a verb and a hard one to follow.

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