From a Bad Blind Date to a Crazy, Wild Awesome Life pt. 1

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds, admit impedments.” Sonnet 116 William Shakespeare

Ahh, the Bard, Shakespeare in my mind signifies romance, love, and some well-written iambic pentameter(What I’m an English major/teacher/ lover all of literature). Like many college girls,  I daydreamed about finding my soul mate–the first date would be a picnic with him reading me poetry as the warm breezes blew and the birds sang. And that is nothing like what happened.

I didn’t meet my soul mate in college or even the first year out of college. I was teaching high school English when during my sophomore honors class my student asked if I would be interested in going on a blind date. She then gushed about how nice this guy was, etc, and in the end, she gave my number to her mother who gave it to her boss who gave it to her husband who gave to his best friend( did you get all that?) Mark. At this point,  I uttered the worse string of English words ever to be spoken  in a sentence–How bad could it be? Oh, wait,that spelled impeding doom.


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I'm writer, reader, teacher, stepmother, blogger, free thinker, deep thinker. I ardently pursue questions of faith, philosophy, and the mund
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One Response to From a Bad Blind Date to a Crazy, Wild Awesome Life pt. 1

  1. Veronica says:

    A very good beginning. I know I want to know more.

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