From a Bad Blind Date to a Crazy, Wild Awesome Life pt.2

I’m not a fan of horror movies( I consider Jurassic Park  a horror film), but I AM aware if I were to ever be in a horror that certain phrases should not come out of my mouth. Such as: “We are safe here,” “Let’s go check it out,” and my personal favorite…“How bad can it be?” Yeah, I uttered those words after accepting a blind date invitation from my now husband(so it DOES work out).

We agreed to meet at Applebee’s(he continues to joke that Applebee’s is the best place to pick up women, maybe one day the joke will die). The first thing I noticed was that he was tall–very tall. I’m all of 5’4″ compared to his 6’4″. Rather than eating at Applebee’s, we headed to the Lobsteer Inn in Southern Pines. Since this will mean nothing to most people, the Lobsteer Inn is EXPENSIVE, and I was operating on a Ramen noodle budget.

What was worse than the sticker shock of ALL the dishes was that I was bored, felt awkward, and may have stated frequently that I was bored(rude, yes, no excuse here). The “I’m bored”s got progressively louder(why he asked for a second date after my lovely behavior is BEYOND me). After the usual movie portion of an awkward first date, he took me back to my apartment. I was determined that this was NOT a lasting relationship.

OBVIOUSLY, I married him so yet AGAIN I was wrong. Happens often.


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