Reinventing the Renaissance Woman

With her sleek black hair, flawless coppery tan skin, beautiful toned body, Celeste Thorson could be written off as the typical super-model, actress, Hollywood elite. But Celeste Thorson is more than a pretty face, she is the foremost Asian/Latina Renaissance woman. Perhaps, you are wondering: what is a Renaissance woman? A Renaissance woman pursues her interests with intense, fervent passion. She will not be mediocre for she must be the best. She embraces her whole self and uses her heritage and interests as inspiration. While many women are talented in one area, Celeste Thorson, the quintessential Renaissance woman, pursues a variety of endeavors—writing, modeling, acting, producing—so that she can continuously reinvent herself as aRenaissance woman.

As a Renaissance woman, Celeste Thorson also serves as an encourager for women, especially Asian and Latina women. Her career empowers other women to experiment with new genres of creativity. Throughout her Hollywood career, she finds new avenues for allowing her muse to speak. Whether she is writing the next script or producing an entertaining television show or showing off exciting travel destinations, she focuses upon the creative process not just the end product. As a Renaissance woman, her goal is to discover her hidden potential from within her soul.

Now you may still have a touch of green-eyed jealousy, Celeste Thorson has more opportunities to be a prized Renaissance woman—she is living her dream in Hollywood as a model and actress. What about me? Rather than envying Celeste, why not begin looking for ways to unlock your hidden creative muses? You can look to Celeste Thorson’s career as an inspiration because she didn’t whine or pout or complain about the lack of opportunities available.

She worked hard and invested in constantly inspiring

her creative genius which is why Celeste Thorson

is the perfect Renaissance woman.


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