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I'm writer, reader, teacher, stepmother, blogger, free thinker, deep thinker. I ardently pursue questions of faith, philosophy, and the mund

Reinventing the Renaissance Woman

With her sleek black hair, flawless coppery tan skin, beautiful toned body, Celeste Thorson could be written off as the typical super-model, actress, Hollywood elite. But Celeste Thorson is more than a pretty face, she is the foremost Asian/Latina Renaissance … Continue reading

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From a Bad Blind Date to a Crazy, Wild Awesome Life pt.2

I’m not a fan of horror movies( I consider Jurassic Park  a horror film), but I AM aware if I were to ever be in a horror that certain phrases should not come out of my mouth. Such as: “We … Continue reading

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iFellowship–do You blog hop?

I joined iFellowship to gather, commune, and read other wonderful bloggers. Continue reading

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What are YOU reading Wednesday?

I HEART reading! Love, adore, passionate about all things with PAPER AND TEXT(excuse the hyperbole, there are texts that I do NOT enjoy but I’m only celebrating my favorites). Since I teach college reading, I am often asked: What are … Continue reading

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From a Bad Blind Date to a Crazy, Wild Awesome Life pt. 1

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds, admit impedments.” Sonnet 116 William Shakespeare Ahh, the Bard, Shakespeare in my mind signifies romance, love, and some well-written iambic pentameter(What I’m an English major/teacher/ lover all of literature). Like many … Continue reading

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Unplug it!

Awesome idea for the summer, unplug from the time waster’s of TV, computer(yes, no Facebook, Twitter, or blogging). Love this post:

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Confessions of a Stepmom

Tonight, I’m restless, sleep eludes me. My mind is filled with half-written poems, blogs, and snatches of literature, but tonight I need to write this confession. Here it is: I’m a step-mom. I have two beautiful children by marriage because … Continue reading

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